A Gift For Someone That Has Everything!

Jax Cohen
Jax Cohen Marketing @ VidHug. Writer. Shower singer. Expert gift-giver.
A Gift For Someone That Has Everything!

Are you experiencing the frustrating pursuit of coming up with a gift for someone that has everything? Have you scoured the entire gift-section of the internet for inspiration, only to leave with a wishlist of your own, and a personal-shopper level of item-expertise? You’re not alone. Coming up with a gift for rich, wealthy, or famous - who not only have every material item, but could buy any item if they so desired - is no easy task.

The endless search... The endless search…

If They Wanted It, They Would Have Bought It

It’s not only about finding a super unique gift, but finding something that the person cannot possibly buy for themselves. No matter how many “unique” items you scroll past in the myriad of gift-related listicles, you can’t help but think: if they wanted this, they probably would have bought it!

To quote Ariana Grande, these lucky individuals live life with a “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it” mindset, so we have to think outside of the box. Whether they are music royalty like Ari, or simply the self-proclaimed queen of your friend group, they have everything, and a different approach is needed.

Ariana Grande I got it I want it

Here’s The Plan

Instead of looking for an item that they don’t already own, look for something priceless. Something that, no matter how many department stores they browse or how many hours they spend on Amazon, is simply not for sale. Most often, this is something intangible, but unlike an experience (e.g. vacation, concert tickets), it isn’t something they could purchase for themselves (and that you can’t afford).

“Money can’t buy me love”


So what are these elusive things that, no matter how wealthy you are, you simply cannot buy? They are the most basic human desires: love, family and friendship. It’s the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when a friend pops by unannounced. It’s the comforting feeling of home when a family member wraps you in a hug. They’re life’s greatest gifts, but they don’t have a price tag, and how do you give them as a gift?

A Gift Fit For A King

Lebron James celebrating

What better example of hard-to-buy-for than NBA superstar Lebron James (also known as “King” James)? The best basketball player of his generation, Lebron has everything: MVP and championship trophies, a $450M net worth, and the adoration of his peers and fans alike. Can you imagine trying to buy a gift for Lebron? How could you possibly impress this man?!

Well, in January of 2018 that challenge became real. Lebron achieved the huge career milestone of scoring 30,000 points (a feat shared with only 6 other players, all-time) and somebody was tasked with finding a way to celebrate. What they ended up doing was simple, heartfelt, and brilliant. Watch how Lebron is moved to laughter, reflection, and even tears by this emotional surprise:

Instead of getting another Rolex, or fancy new car (which, OK, he might have gotten too…), the King of basketball celebrated his milestone with life’s greatest (and very affordable!) gift - a big, virtual group hug from his colleagues, friends, and family.

Who Is Your King/Queen?

The thing is, everyone deserves to feel like Lebron at least a few times in their life. Whether it’s your husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter; everyone is royalty to someone.

VidHug unwrapping

Here’s the good news: making a surprise video montage, like the one shown to Lebron, no longer requires a TV production team. You can do it with VidHug and create a gift that is simple, fun, and unforgettable.

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