How To Make A Great Happy Birthday Video

Zamir Khan
Zamir Khan Founder @ VidHug. Husband, Dad, Techie.
How To Make A Great Happy Birthday Video

So you want to send a funny happy birthday video to someone special? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through your options and help you put a big smile on the face of your loved one!

Quick + Free = Thoughtless

There are numerous apps and websites out there that will let you choose a meme/gif/animation, slap some text on there, and send it off. They’re fast and free, but here’s rule #1: best friends don’t send cat gifs to celebrate a birthday.

gif of flying cat Don’t. Just don’t.

Gifts or gestures of friendship, for birthdays or any special occasion are measured by the effort involved. In other words, sending a cheesy animation is barely better than posting “HBD!” on their Facebook wall.

Facebook wall birthday message Does anyone remember these messages??

So if this birthday wish is for a forgettable acquaintance, then go ahead, but if it’s someone special who deserves more than just a momentary smirk or a chuckle, keep reading.

Personal is Meaningful

Odds are, if you’re sending someone a birthday video, it’s because you aren’t able to celebrate in-person. Whether it’s a long distance relationship, an out-of-state school, business travel, or even military deployment, shouting “Happy Birthday!” with a face-to-face smile and a hug is sadly impossible.

Long distance relationships suck Long distance relationships are HARD.

But just because you can’t be in the same place, doesn’t mean you can’t create something personal and heartfelt. So, if you’re going to send them a video, your beautiful smiling face should be in it!

The More The Merrier

“You want me to send a video of… me?!”

Yes! Well… kind of (and not that kind of video!). You see, sending a video of just yourself is like the long-distance equivalent of a smile and a hug; it’s nice. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s hardly memorable and, honestly, could be SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Cartoon animals hugging Hugs are nice, but you know what’s better…

Here’s the key: there is power in numbers. Ever been part of a surprise party? Then you know the emotional impact of the realization that a whole group of people took time out just for you. What if you could deliver that same feeling in a video? Boom! Tears of joy incoming.

Surprise Group Hug For-The-Win!

DIY = “DI-Why??”

So you’re convinced that a surprise group video is the way to go. Good! You can even make it yourself. It can’t be that hard, right?! People have been making them for years. Problem: here’s what those people have…

  • Powerful computer for video editing
  • Video editing software (iMovie on Mac, or Microsoft Photos on Windows)
  • Video editing skills
  • A DropBox or Google Drive account to receive videos
  • Ability to guide family & friends through technical issues
  • Enough hard drive space for all the videos (at least a few GB)
  • LOTS of time for support, editing, etc. (put aside 5-10 hours)

gif of frustrated computer user Save your sanity & your computer, don’t DIY!

Still want to do it yourself? We didn’t think so. Fortunately, there’s VidHug, which does all the work for you!

VidHug To The Rescue!

With VidHug, you simply:

  1. Invite people to join with a VidHug link
  2. They record themselves on phone or webcam (no sign-up required!)
  3. VidHug puts it all together for you in a big feel-good surprise!

Why send something impersonal when you can send a surprise like this?

Long Distance Birthday Surprise!